Our Board Members

Miguel Ayala | Kyle Collins


Dan Ronneberg, Treasurer| Khalid El Bey, Secretary

Evan Ribeiro | Grayson Wayman | Dominion | David Bailey | Daniel Ferguson

Kyle has resided in the District of Columbia for the last 6 years, by way of New York. Kyle has been an active member of the LGBT community since the age of 18 and has had the great fortune to meet, work with and learn from many great community leaders in that time. Kyle is a second term Board member of Capital Pride, having been appointed in 2011 and is also a founder and Co-Chair of DC Leather Pride.
Miguel has lived in the DC area for nearly 15 years. Originally from Chicago, he is a political and communications professional and has been an active part of the LGBT community almost as long as he has been out. He was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame and recognized by Out and Advocate Magazines for helping start an LGBT student organization in a Chicago high school and starting a national network for similar organizations. In 2013, he was the 1st runner-up for Mr. DC Eagle and is a co-founder of DC Leather Pride.
Khalid El Bey is a native of Memphis, TN and is a proud member of ONYX who served in the US Navy as a combat medic, and is a sexual health educator in the Washington, DC area. Congratulations to Khalid, and we’re looking forward to great things during his reign.
Dan is originally from Chicago, IL and graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1997. He was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force and flew as a pilot for 10 years under “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Dan earned his law degree from the University of Denver and is working on his PhD in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He enjoys weightlifting, running (6 marathon completions), relaxing at his family’s cabin in Deep Creek, MD, and catching up on his favorite TV series. Dan lives in Arlington, VA with his two collared boys, Todd and Randy.
Evan Ribeiro, sometimes known as DJ Say !?!, has been in the leather scene since he turned 21. He joined his first leather Levi club just one year later, there DC Bear Club (DCBC). He is also a member of Centaur MC, and has served as recording secretary and vice president of the club. He looks forward to the coming years of brotherhood as a member of the DC Leather Pride board.
David “Tigger” Bailey is proud to serve our diverse communities as your current International Mister Leather 2016. He also has the distinct dual honor of being both the oldest leatherman to earn the IML title and the first from New Jersey where he served as Mr. New Jersey Leather 2016.
A Massachusetts native, Tigger grew up on the east coast and came out in the leather scene in 1984 while attending MIT where he graduated with a degree in Management Science. Tigger slowly migrated west from Boston and has called New Jersey home for the past 15 years. He is privileged to have found 3 amazing men to love unconditionally and build a strong non-traditional family (2 Sirs, 2 boys, and lots of lube).
Tigger shares his polyamorous life openly and empowers others to live in a way that is truly authentic, regardless of boundaries or norms. He is a proud collared Sir to his leather family where public service is valued and encouraged. His message of leather, love, service and family has inspired conversation and reexamination of what it means to be a kinky leather person in a time of hetero-normative pressure to assimilate. And, more importantly, how we accept the authenticity of every individual in our community without judgment, shame or exclusion.
Dominion ONYX is an architect, writer, blogger, and most importantly, a Leatherman and Sadist. A lifelong Washingtonian, he is the past President of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of ONYX, the National Leather Fraternity for Gay and Bisexual Men of Color.  His goal is to educate all people, particularly Men of Color, on the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community, and to share the love that he has always been shown. Dominion has taught classes on Spanking, Flogging, Nipple Play, Electro-Play, and Assplay, and spearheaded ONYX’s partnership with Widener University’s PhD Human Sexuality Program, which exposes future clinicians and educators to the Leather community. He has helped ONYX raise over $15,000 for Mama’s Family, SMYAL, Ali Forney Center, Scarlett’s Foundation, Eagle Wings, MAST, and Brother Help Thyself. In 2016, Dominion was honored to be a Tallymaster at International Mister Leather 38. 
Dominion is the moderator and co-host of Reali-TEA, a weekly radio show tackling the biggest stories in the world of pop culture, celebrity, politics, and sex with an Urban LGBT Twist. He offers humorously cruel observations on the world of Black and Latino gay porn, dating, and life in general on his the blog, Dominion’s Opinions. Lastly, Dominion is also the author ofAlex and Alonzo: A Love Story, the erotic/romantic/pornographic tale of two men who meet one night on train to work.
I’m Grayson! Being that I was raised by redneck-biker-soldiers, and later joined the military, I came by my Leather identity in a slightly different manner than most. As a soldier, I attended a two week course focused on leadership and training others. In my current capacity as a contractor, I teach cultural awareness and engagement. I first joined the BDSM community in 2005, heard of Leather in 2008, and came home to it in 2014. Since then I have learned about some of the history, people and culture that make up the aforementioned community. As a service oriented switch, I specialize in bootblacking, straight razor shaving, and cigar play. I’ve taught classes in western Europe, the Midwest and on the East Coast for various educational groups. I am a proud member of the Twin City boys of Leather, and as such, identify as a genderfluid boy.