Past Events

Our Past Events

DC Leather Pride aims to bring our community together with social and educational events.  Since 2014, we have held several events and stepped in to help existing events grow in scope:

  • Our inaugural event,Thunderdome, was a great event that had over 200 attendees and included a leather vendor and bootblacks, along with kink demos in a new venue.
  • Following the success of that, we planned two events for Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend that we are establishing as annual events.
    • Thursday night we kick-off the weekend with the Welcome to DC party, held at Green Lantern in 2015 and to be held at the DC Eagle in 2016.  We celebrate our local titleholders and raise funds for the winner of the MAL contest that weekend.
    • Sunday afternoon there’s a gap in the schedule between the contest and the closing party, so we partnered with to create BLUF:DC at Cobalt Bar.  We provide shuttle service from the MAL host hotel and have bootblacks on hand.  Additionally, Jameson provided a special for our event, and provided an open bar for a portion of the evening.
  • For the 2015 Mr. DC Eagle contest weekend, we assisted with the charity gear auction, procuring donations from vendors like Worn Out West and Mr. S Leather, and collecting donations for the travel fund of the winner.
  • Capital Pride 2015 saw a significant expansion in our events:
    • We hosted an S&M101 session with the SigMa BDSM club, which brought together nearly 30 attendees, many new to the community, to discuss some basics of the leather and kink community.
    • Along with the DC Sisters, we hosted an LGBT Trivia Night at Green Lantern, allowing a fun, educational experience for our community.  Questions included LGBT history, DC community and leather trivia questions.
    • We hosted a leather bar crawl on Thursday evening before the Pride parade, taking our community to four different venues throughout the night.
    • Our Cruising party saw us bring in a new venue with great success,  providing a social event for post-Parade celebrations.
    • During the Capital Pride Festival, we hosted a booth that provided information about events and organizations in the DC area.
  • On the heels the Marriage Equality decision by the Supreme Court, we hosted a celebration with International Mr. Leather Patrick Smith and Mr. DC Eagle Dan Ronneberg at the DC Eagle.
  • Bringing together the leather and drag community has been important to our outreach:
    • We hosted Drag Out Your Leather where drag performers did a benefit show to raise funds for Mr. DC Eagle’s run at IML.
    • This month, we are hosting Winter Solstice Ball with the DC Sisters and the Imperial Court, as a fundraising event we  hope to establish as a tradition